Terms and Condition

Terms and Conditions

adwell financial Services Inc. (“adwell financial”) collects, uses and discloses personal information for purposes limited to those which are related to its businesses. Personal information means any information about an individual which allows that individual to be identified. Personal information that adwell financial collects may include but is not limited to your name, address, telephone number, social insurance number (optional), income and other financial information, banking, vehicle, and reference information. adwell financial collects this information to: (i) confirm your identity and qualify you for the services for which you have applied, including obtaining a credit information report about you or your related financial history; (ii) assess your current and ongoing creditworthiness; (iii) verify any other information you provided in connection with your application; (iv) locate you to collect outstanding debts; (v) evaluate and make a decision about your application; (vi) match credit reports about you to determine your initial and ongoing eligibility for, and providing the products and services you request; (vii) open, monitor, administer, service and close your loan; (viii) enforce your loan; (ix) collect your outstanding debts to adwell financial; (x) meet legal, regulatory, security and data processing requirements; (xi) communicate with you by various means (including by electronic communications and by telephone); and (xii) promote and offer products and services, including those of third parties, to you that we believe may meet those needs or be of interest to you.

Please note that these terms and conditions and privacy policy are subject to our privacy policy (the “Privacy Policy”; the Privacy Policy is currently available on our website at www.adwellfinancial.com). In case of any contradiction between this document and the Privacy Policy, the Privacy Policy shall prevail.

From time to time, adwell financial may share your personal information with or collect it from its affiliates, subsidiaries or related organizations, companies to which adwell financial assigns your loan, your potential creditors and credit reporting agencies, businesses and financial institutions with whom you have had or may have had a financial relationship and other references you have provided in support of your application and for the purpose described in this document. We may share your personal information with: (i) our contractors, consultants, affiliates, service providers and other third parties who require such information to assist us with managing our relationship with you, including third parties that provide services to us (such as information technology and data processing services); and (ii) third parties to assist in the collection of bad debt or to agencies that acquire bad debt.

Should your loan go into default and you become unreachable, subject to applicable laws, adwell financial reserves the right to contact the references you provided as part of your application for the purposes of helping us locate you. You confirm that you have obtained consent from your references for adwell financial to contact them for such purposes.

You authorize adwell financial to verify all of the information that you have provided to us (either directly or indirectly). You accordingly permit us to obtain a copy of your credit report from one or more credit reporting agencies and to contact your employer to verify your employment, as applicable. You consent that adwell financial may use any credit reports that we obtain to assess your initial and ongoing creditworthiness. In addition, subject to applicable laws and the policies and procedures of the applicable credit reporting agency, you consent to adwell financial obtaining your adwell financial credit score from a credit reporting agency for a period of up to one year after (i) termination of any lending arrangement you have with adwell financial; or (ii) the date that, and in the event that, adwell financial declines or you withdraw your application. You acknowledge that this consent is obtained to allow adwell financial to offer you products and services from adwell financial and selected third parties.

You agree that we may provide you with: (i) information on products and services; (ii) incentives and advertising promotions; and (iii) offers about products and services from selected third parties that may interest you, such as our insurance partners or other providers of credit.

You consent to adwell financial collecting, using and disclosing your personal information for the purposes and as explained herein and in our Privacy Policy.

You fully release adwell financial and any third parties to whom adwell financial provides your personal information, from liability that may result from our respective collection, use and disclosure of your personal information.

You agree that you have read this document as well as our Privacy Policy carefully. Subject to legal or contractual obligations and reasonable notice, you have the right to change or withdraw your consent at any time; however, doing so may affect our ability to provide you with our products and services. For example, if we can no longer evaluate your creditworthiness or open, monitor, administer, service, close or enforce your loan, then we may not extend credit to you or we may terminate your loan.

By executing this document, and as a condition of adwell financial providing you credit, you make the following representations and warranties: (i) the information that you have given to us (including on your application) is correct, complete and accurate; and (ii) you are not contemplating filing for bankruptcy or a consumer proposal within the next four (4) months and have not consulted with an attorney or trustee concerning bankruptcy or a consumer proposal in the last two (2) months.